Miss Kitty’s Fe‑Liner

Ever have to scrub your cat’s “business” off the bottom of your litter box or sifter? Somehow, and I’m pretty sure its magic, your cat’s urine transforms into concrete after congealing with the kitty litter. My first time, I grabbed a paper towel, then went to a sponge, tried a brillo pad and wondered where I could rent a jack-hammer on a Sunday to try and chip it away. Ridiculous.

I tried to find a solution but they were all terrible. A sifter that you transferred from one box to another (still clogs up)… Plastic disposable liner (no one wants that)… Overpriced kitty litter that doesn’t deliver what it promises…

What if the cat urine never had a chance to bond in the first place?…

And Miss Kitty’s Fe-Liner was born.

Simply wipe on, wipe off, and never have to pull out a chisel again. 1 week went by, then 2, 3, even after a month the concrete still never adhered to the box. Simply reapply whenever you change out the litter to clean the box and your good for a month or more!

Say hello to Miss Kitty’s Fe-liner and say goodbye to concrete.

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